Stand Up for Standing Firm: 2017 Awards Luncheon

2017 Employer Award

FedEx Ground

In recognition of their superior integration of business practices addressing partner violence, the 2017 Employer Award will be presented to FedEx Ground.

2017 Champion Award

Bruce Kraus

In recognition of his unsurpassed commitment to the STANDING FIRM mission, the 2017 Champion Award will be presented to Bruce Kraus, President, Pittsburgh City Council.


2017 Keynote Speaker

Susan Still

Susan Still survived 24 years of violent abuse in her marriage. In 2004, a New York State judge sentenced her former husband to 36 years in prison, the longest sentence ever imposed for the crime of domestic violence where the victim survived. Instrumental in the conviction was a videotape her husband made one of their children film during a horrifying episode of abuse. Susan has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show and 20/20 with Diane Sawyer. She will speak about her unique experience, including the effect of partner violence on families and on the workplace.

Introducing STANDING FIRMís New Enhanced Membership Program to Better Serve Employers

STANDING FIRM is excited to launch a new enhanced membership program with expanded benefits. Now all members will receive a free phone consultation with STANDING FIRMís expert staff to develop an action plan with defined steps to create a safe and supportive workplace for their employees.

Expanded benefits include discounts for training programs and professional consultation, a suite of Premiere Member-only resources and annual public acknowledgment.

You can view all of the new membership benefits here. Join or upgrade your membership today and take a STAND against partner violence.

Partner violence happens at home, but it walks through the door of your workplace.
STANDING FIRM offers employers what they need to address partner violence as a workplace issue.
  • One quarter of workplace violence events in the U.S. each year are related to partner violence.
  • More than ONE in FIVE full-time employed adults have been victims of partner violence and 64% of them indicated their work performance was significantly impacted.
  • 48% of abusers surveyed report difficulty concentrating on work.
Click on the boxes below to learn about what employers should do.
  • Recognize

    RECOGNIZE that partner violence is a business issue that affects productivity and security.

  • Respond

    RESPOND appropriately from a menu of action steps to address the effects of partner violence.

  • Refer

    Know how to REFER to existing community resources for services that the employer does not have the expertise or ability to provide.

Why the term "Partner Violence"?

We use the term "partner violence" in the business setting to describe what others call "domestic violence." We believe the term partner violence addresses the strong bias in the workplace that "that problem" only happens at home and is not relevant to employers.

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Take the first step toward addressing the hidden safety and productivity costs related to partner violence in your workforce.

What does joining mean?

By joining, an employer signifies that partner violence is a serious organizational concern.

Members are encouraged to take one or more of the many action steps that are available via STANDING FIRM.

Who else belongs to STANDING FIRM?

Check out the ever-growing list of employers who have joined STANDING FIRM and are taking a stand on partner violence in their workplaces. See MEMBERS.

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